Battle Cancer

Surviving is epic

3 years and more of dealing with this madness, and accepting myself, like a new self, different from the past.
Sometimes I even think that one day, I’m going to forget the things that I went through, but my body is there to remind me everyday, to keep a big space of compassion in my heart, to accept my vulnerability and to be humble to ironically keep my integrity.
This blog, it’s been a weapon of expression and a refuge for me… I thank everybody that reads these pages and the people that could pass by in the future, is like a little window to see how is living these things. We are not alone, we have to trust in each other, there is hope, there is always a spring after a long winter.

Writing is my way to retribute to life the fact that I’m thankful for all the package that’s mean survive cancer. I’m thankful for my new skills, for my new limitations, for the power of imagination, sounds epic, but Surviving is epic.
I’m gonna be around…just I want to tell everybody thanks.


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