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Share knowledge, share love



One of the things that happen when you get a cancer diagnosis is that you face a huge wave of fear, the fear as everything falls over you, the weight of all your life’s decisions, the regrets, the achievements.

Most of the people just want to forget.

But in my case, I don’t think that’s the way that my mind works. I think that the best way to put those painful days in a good place is by sharing my experience, my knowledge, because I really believe that’s there’s a way to truly find some light from something that comes from such dark place.

Remember it’s just an illness, we are human. Live like it’s your last day in earth everyday and you will be less afraid. There are ways to reduce the risks if you develop healthy habits, a moderate diet and active lifestyle.

I recovered from a mayor surgery  in 12 days. My blood sugar levels are perfect and now I’m biking almost every other day. That I can share with you, that is my love to you. I’m a survivor of lung cancer. I can tell you, don’t be afraid, cancer is just an illness, remember we are humans.

And today that is the World Cancer Day, help us to spread awareness!!!


5 comentarios en “Share knowledge, share love

  1. there’s power in numbers… and the sad part about the current story of cancer is that it affects more and more people… we are a strong vibrant community with an understanding of humanity that goes way beyond any book or manual will tell you. Cancer is no longer a death sentence… thank you for sharing your possibility!!!

    • Lucy amiga, aqui seguimos dando lata, gracias a ti por ser parte de este convivio, ya sabes nuestra parte es dar guerra, que la vida es ese amor que nos une, gracias a ti tambien por estar viva, demos gracias a esa energia que sostiene todo y que no es otra cosa que puro amor!

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