Battle Cancer

Surviving is epic

3 years and more of dealing with this madness, and accepting myself, like a new self, different from the past.
Sometimes I even think that one day, I’m going to forget the things that I went through, but my body is there to remind me everyday, to keep a big space of compassion in my heart, to accept my vulnerability and to be humble to ironically keep my integrity.
This blog, it’s been a weapon of expression and a refuge for me… I thank everybody that reads these pages and the people that could pass by in the future, is like a little window to see how is living these things. We are not alone, we have to trust in each other, there is hope, there is always a spring after a long winter.

Writing is my way to retribute to life the fact that I’m thankful for all the package that’s mean survive cancer. I’m thankful for my new skills, for my new limitations, for the power of imagination, sounds epic, but Surviving is epic.
I’m gonna be around…just I want to tell everybody thanks.

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Help me to die, glamour and smoking…look at me

James-and-OsiSpanish Below
I started this post because I have been thinking over and over about how we could possibly be so naive to believe in the tobacco industry. It’s true that something that is supposed to be a pleasure becomes an addiction, but lets take a look, all of the greatest icons have a cigarette in their mouth most the time, but look at me…this picture is when I was in chemotherapy, does it give the same impression? Does it make you feel better? I took it because I was going to die young, but in the end, I didn’t.

Those days I wanted to show people these pics

but I needed more courage and more hope…this time being a quitter was OK, being a quitter of my old self is OK. I wanted to live so badly, I want to live more than anything…

I smoked for 5 years of my life, and I had cancer. Part of my right lung had to be removed…  James Dean, man, you just  died before you got the chance to develop anything, that’s cheating!

Ayudame a Morir, glamour y cigarros…Mirame

Este post nació de esa pregunta que ronda mi cabeza, una y otra vez: ¿Como es posible que fuésemos tan inocentes que creímos en la industria del cigarro?, algo que podría ser un placer, se convirtió en una severa adicción, pero vamos por partes, si observamos a los iconos como James Dean, siempre tienen un cigarro en la boca, pero mira, mírame, esta foto es cuando estaba en Quimioterapia. ¿Qué impresión te causa?¿Te hace sentir mejor, glam? Tomé esa foto por que pensé que iba a morir joven, pero no ocurrió.

En aquellos días tenía en mente postear estas fotos, pero necesitaba coraje y esperanza…

que extraño pero dejar de fumar esta bien, ser la no fumadora, la cobarde, la no-cool estaba bien. Quería vivir sin importar nada más. Eso es lo que prevaleció. Amo la vida.
Deseo vivir.

Fumé por 5 años de mi vida y me dio cáncer. Me quitaron quirúrgicamente y por que era necesario, parte de mi pulmón derecho…James Dean, Man, moriste antes de desarrollar cualquier enfermedad, lo siento pero eso es hacer trampa!