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Getting Old Stinks

A great Blog, thanks Jack!

Brotherly Love

Part of my inspiration for posting this today is the blog post from Osiris Ramos ( I Would Like to be Old (posted 8-23-12).

A chat with Mom

I started writing this post a few days ago after speaking with Mom. In fact the title of this post is a direct quote from her.


Although I’m not as old as my mother, I know what she means. The physical problems that come with age are not negligible. Some are lucky and maintain most of their physical and mental capabilities, but there are many who are defeated by their declining health.  I would guess that the average age of a person living in my mother’s complex is about 85. A significant percentage of them are in fragile health


It takes a great amount of effort and strength to remain upbeat in a homogeneous environment where most…

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